• Made byaluminum and stiff fiberglass mesh that does not decay or burn
  •       With high-resistant galvanized spring against humidity and saltiness.
  • The polyamideplastic parts are resistant to water, humidity, sun and heat.
  • Extra durability towind strains by using extra hard brush of mesh-lock brush according tocustomers wishes.
  • The “adjustablespeed controller” of the spring allows you to adjust the screen rolling upspeed.
  • The “wedge”stopper blocks the horizontal screen at any desirable intermediate point.
  • Easy and safeshutting with magnet or hook.
  • Available in 4 case models: from 33, 38, 40 & 41 mm – max. width 1,5m.


Horizontalinsect screens are marked with CE certification indicating compliance with theessential requirements of the relevant European legislation.

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