Installation Instructions

Main Installation Instructions

Having therefore chosen the type of frames and the competent certified manufacturer that will construct them, you should choose the proper personnel that will install your new frames as well, because the installation of frames can influence to a large extent the thermal insulation of frames.

For proper installation it is important that the frames should not be in contact with the masonry or the floor, as this will influence the thermal insulation. Thus, plastic locks should be installed between the frame and the masonry or the floor in order to preserve the thermal insulation of the frame, as well as the gap from the masonry.

In addition, all joints are required to be sealed with foam insulation and then with silicone, which is a basic principle before placing the case into the opening and leveling.

After the leveling, you should screw the frame. Starting from the upper corner of the hinge, about 200mm to the right and to the left, we apply the first screws to fasten the frame. But beware that the screws used to support the frames should be stainless or cadmium-plated. To avoid deforming the frame, place additional ledges on the screws.

Each frame should have special holes for drainage of rainwater and moisture on the case, which are covered with special plugs.

Additionally, it is important to use special components that will be used for constructing the frames, both for proper operation and for the longevity of the frames. This category includes tires, mechanisms, angles, handles, hinges, rolling shutters, etc. The manufacturer must use all the components recommended and approved by the designer and manufacturer of the aluminum system.

The installation of the frame is completed by sealing the outer joint with grout. The grout can seal the outer joint and cover frame’s ledges.