What is the procedure for replacing windows and how simple is it?

Unfortunately, building and window constructions of past years are obsolete technology and in no way meet the needs and requirements of modern housing. The new lifestyle and the high energy costs of cooling and heating now necessitate the use of aluminum energy systems with a high technological background and high aesthetics.

By replacing your old Alvek energy-efficient windows, you get high sound insulation for a better quality of life, increased safety as well as better aesthetics and you can save at least 23% of energy.

Many people are worried about the process and whether they will be bothered by all this work, but the truth is that it is really worth making this decision and we have organized this whole process to make it easier for you as much as possible and for your own good.

Therefore, the procedure is as follows:

First of all, we schedule an appointment at our showroom or at our representatives’ facilities in order to inform you about the types of frames you can choose as well as the variety of colors, accessories and gather other important information we need to proceed. Taking into consideration your needs and requirements, we will guide you to the best options you can have and will make a detailed offer with a full description of everything we have agreed on.

Then, we schedule a second appointment at your place this time with our technician who will conduct an inspection of the requirements and needs of your space and then take the same final production steps writing down your final choice based on the detailed offer we gave to you at our first meeting.

We define the time of delivery and deliver a private agreement that lists all the terms of our cooperation. As soon as the order is completed, we schedule our last appointment and our team of technicians visit you ate your place, which removes your old frames replacing them with the new ones in one day.

Once the installation is complete, the work area will be cleaned and then delivered to the customer. Finally, our technician will show you how to use the windows where the final inspection is carried out and will provide you with the declaration of conformity to European CE Directives, the 10-year warranty, the manual for window maintenance and cleaning and the technical service sheet, which you need to sign after evaluating the outcome of our work.