Lifetime Guarantee...

Alvek’s products are characterized by their excellent quality, which is based both to certified and branded raw materials (ISO 9001). In addition to the experienced and specialized staff, the role of product manufacturing is important, which is performed with accuracy, austerity and consistency of the specifications as required by the FPC standard, in order to be able to guarantee the quality of the finished product both for its good performance and its long-term durability, confirming that you have made the ideal choice.

Therefore, since our goal is to serve you and ensure your satisfaction, our company provides you a necessary accompanying manual along with the product that includes technical information, warranty for good function and instructions for maintenance and use of products.

Specifically, the Alvek warranty expressly states that synthetic and aluminum frames are accompanied by a 10-year written warranty on white colors, while colored synthetic frames are accompanied by a 5-year written warranty. Regarding the rolling shutters, we provide a 5-year warranty, while motors include a 3-year warranty.

We are here to satisfy your needs, providing you with the ideal choice of frames, at an affordable price, while maintaining the highest degree of specialization of our services, our excellent quality and proper function of our products as well as our excellent after sales services.