What do we mean by the term regulating?

Regulating is a word we hear very often from technicians.

But who knows what this word exactly means?

“Regulating” derives from the Italian word regula that means regulate.
It is used in a variety of areas such as vehicles, machinery, musical instruments and generally anything that has a mechanism.

Therefore, if you choose to install new windows, the manufacturer of you have chosen must have the CE marking, that is to apply a Production Control System so that they can guarantee the proper function of your windows. It is also important for a manufacturer to have ISO 9001 certification.

Alvek can provide you with all the certificates mentioned above and after the installation you will receive a 10-year written warranty as well as the instructions of maintenance and operating required by the CE marking.

If you follow the instructions, our frames will function perfectly without any problem or a malfunction. But either because of frequent use, weather conditions or simply because of the mechanisms, it is normal to be regulated after a long time. In this case you call us and we regulate the frames.

Windows: Sliding and casement windows

Windows are separated into two categories:

The sliding and casement windows

Casement windows usually need regulating at four points. The hinges, the perimeter mechanism, the scissors type pivoting mechanism and the espagnolette.

  • Hinges: the accessories that attach the opening leaf to the frame. With the help of hinges we can open and close the window.
  • Perimeter mechanism: the mechanism which, with a single movement of the handle, activates the multiple locks around the leaf.
  • Scissors type pivoting mechanism: part of the pivot mechanism. The scissors allow the frame to be tilted.
  • Espagnolette: the handle used for the frames. Locks and unlocks or the puts window on tilt mode.

Sliding windows need respectively regulating at four points. The casters, the locking mechanism, the espagnolette or the fistful and the the brushes.

  • Casters: the accessories that are fitted into the window and help regulating it easier.
  • Locking mechanism: the mechanism that locks the leaf in the frame.
  • Espagnolette or fistful: The handle which we use to open and close the leaf.
  • Brushes: They are positioned around and between the finishing rails and the leaf to provide insulation.

Usually these are the points that a technician checks when you call him to come at your place. In order to properly regulate them, the presence of an expert with the right tools is necessary. If you try it on your own you may scratch the window or destroy – block a mechanism.