Which color to choose?

The frames shape the interior and exterior of our home and it’s definitely important to be aesthetically nice! Aluminum, in addition to its excellent mechanical properties, offers countless possibilities for coloring and surface treatment. In fact, no other material can offer the palette of colors and textures of aluminum! Whether it’s dark or bright colors, with a matte, glossy or rough texture, or metallic scales of high aesthetics, the offered color palette of aluminum is truly endless.

Electrostatic painting

The most common coloration of aluminum frames is the electrostatic paint, which offers a huge range of colors and textures and can be implemented in three steps:

  • The chemical processing step, where the aluminum surface is cleaned and the corrosion protection is increased.
  • The dyeing process step, i.e spraying of colored powder with the help of compressed air and electromagnetism
  • The polymerization, the firing of the powder, which completes the surface treatment.
  • What we need to be aware when choosing an electrostatic paint.

Electrostatic paint protects aluminum from environmental conditions that can threaten its integrity, such as acid rain or chlorine compounds, for example salt in coastal regions. But in order to ensure effective protection, you should:

  • Comply with the European standards of QUALICOAT, GSB and Seaside Class for coastal regions, during the manufacturing process,
  • Not to leave any scratches or exposed areas that may cause problems in the future, during installation,
  • Do not clean the windows with inappropriate chemicals (eg caustic substances, chlorine) during the use. Some practical advice: Clean and take care of the frames as you would clean your new car!

Finally, to protect your frames from detachment of paint or filamentary corrosion – which provokes cracks in the paint, it is important to choose the appropriate pre-treatment category, depending on ambient conditions (e.g. Coastal regions, high sun exposure & UV-radiation, high air pollution etc.

The basic desirable characteristics of powders:

  • Shine stability over time
  • Color stability over time
  • Scratch resistance

We highly recommend the use of ‘Super Durable’ paints, as your frames are aesthetically upgraded and protected effectively over time, without having to pay an overstated amount.

The ‘Super Durable’ paints are extremely resistant to adverse environmental conditions, maintaining the color of the paint, protecting the paint in a coastal region, in combination with special treatment ‘Seaside Class’, high impact, friction and scratching resistance.

What does Sea Side Class certification mean?

This is a certified process for the chemical treatment of profiles (Paint Certificate). The Seaside Class obtained from research results in laboratories that exposed the risk of filamentary corrosion of painted aluminum profiles. This created a process that required enhanced surface treatment prior to the paint. This pre-treatment includes double, alkaline and acidic coating of metal prior to painting in order to provide greater protection against corrosion in an environment with particular characteristics, seaside or highly contaminated.